• Cistanche Tubulosa Extract

Cistanche Tubulosa Extract

Name:Cistanche Tubulosa Extract


What is Cistanche Extract ?

Cistanche Tubulosa ( Rou cong rong) is grow in the Taklamakan desert and traditionally used as medicines and foods in China, It’s a kind of endangered species.  high medicinal value, known as "desert ginseng" reputation.It’s a rejuvenating kidney tonic, helping to support and enhance function of the kidneys, useful when kidney function is weak, promoting sexual desire and ability. without affecting the healthy balance of testosterone in the body. Cistanche tubulosa have a long history in the past world, use as one of the Mostprecious druy, improve sexual ability. 

Where will Cistanche Extract be uesed to?

1. Improves brain function, learning and memory function

2. Anti-aging effect, Free Radical Scavenging Ability.

3. Aphrodisiac effect ,Enhance male hormone production,improve sexualability.

4. Antioxidant Activities, SOD-like Activity and DPPH Radical Scavenger Activity. 

5. Increases gene expression of enzymes involved in male hormone production.

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