• Maitake Extract Powder

Maitake Extract Powder

Name:Maitake Extract Powder
Latin Name:Grifola frondosa
Specification:10:1 and 4:1.
Character:Yellow Powder
Test Method:UV



Maitake is a precious fungus as food and medicine. Recently it is popular in American and Japanese market as a kind of excellent health caring food, and its unique nutrition and medical value attracts ever wider attention. Maitake polysaccharide has anticancer and anti-HIV function and can adjust immune and incretion and nutrition metabolizing. It is also good in curing hepatitis. 


Mushrooms are a flavorful and nutritious food group. Good sources of B-Vitamins: Thiamine, Riboflavin and Niacin. They contain all the essential amino acids. Mushrooms have also been used for thousands of years as some of the most effective, yet benign, of many plants that formed the oriental herbal tradition. These are perfect powdered materials for formulating immune system boosting dietary supplements and natural cosmetics. Maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa) grows wild in the northeastern part of Japan. For hundreds of years, this rare and exquisite tasting mushroom has been prized in traditional Japanese herbology. Historically, herbalists exchanged maitake for the same weight of silver. Renowned for its many health benefits and delicious taste, maitake is referred to as the Dancing Mushroom. People who found it in the mountains knew of its health benefits and began dancing with joy. Maitake is now being cultivated thereby insuring a steady supply for the first time ever.

Maitake is classed as a polypore, a mushroom without the common feature of a singular cap and gills. Instead, it has multiple branching stems with flowery-ruffed caps. The underside of these caps is covered with a thin layer of densely packed pores. Maitake is also called the king of the mushrooms, its taste and superior health benefits distinguish it from all other edible mushrooms. Maitake mushrooms have strong immune stimulating properties and can benefit a wide range of common health problems including chronic fatigue syndrome, high blood pressure or hypertension, weight loss, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, hepatitis, high cholesterol, constipation, cancer, tumors, HIV and AIDS. It is a first-class adaptogen. Adaptogens help you adapt to any form of physical or emotional stress, help your body regulate endocrine functions and bring your body to balance or homeostasis. For example, adaptogens lower high blood pressure and raise low blood pressure. Adaptogens raise low blood sugar and lower high blood sugar. Adaptogens regulate and normalize organs, glands and many important body functions, plus help you cope with stress. Most herbal and mushroom immunestimulants and adaptogens contain polysaccharides. Maitake mushroom have a very high content of a unique polysaccharide compound called beta-D-glucan, which researches consider one of the most powerful polysaccharides. Unlike other mushrooms, research shows maitake to be almost as effective administered orally as intravenously. One polysaccharide fraction called MT-1, or simply the D-fraction, showed significant activity when administred orally. It is an alkali-soluble, hot water extractable compound that contains approximately 30% protein, or a ratio of beta-glucan to protein of 7:3. It occurs in a concentration of .04 mg. per gram of dried maitake mushrooms. Dried maitake mushrooms and taplets provide a safe, non-toxic, therapeutic effect and help accelerate the rate of self-healing for many immune-related health problems and other health disorders. 


Maitake extract are supplied by us in two different concentrations,10:1 and 4:1.