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Anti cancer ‘s new discovery - Hops extract

Hops(Latin name:Humulus lupulus Linn.)

Specification:flavone 1%-6%

Xanthohumol 1-5% 

What’s the relationship between hops and beer? 

In the brewing, hops have an irreplaceable role. Hops rich in humulon and Lupulon which greatly inhibited the growth of bacteria, extending the shelf life of beer. Before the invention of the pasteurization method, the anti-corrosion function of the hops is the "rigid demand" in beer production, when the hops in the finished beer showed "rosin flavor", "lemon flavor", "herbal flavor" and other taste experience is the "by-product" of hops.

The effect of hops is far more than that, let’s to see the new discoveries of scholars.

Hops extract is expected to treat breast cancer 

In a new study, researchers at the UIC / NIH Plant Dietary Supplement Research Center at the University of Illinois, Chicago, USA, found that rich hops extracts activate mammalian cell detoxification,this may help prevent breast cancer. The results were published in the American Society of Chemistry (ACS) Journal of Toxicology on June 7, 2016, entitled "Hop lupulus L." extract and 6-pentadiene cyclophosphamide-induced P450 1A1-catalyzed estradiol Alcohol 2-hydroxylation ".

Chicago University of Illinois Pharmacy Chemistry and Chinese Herbal Medicine Professor Judy Bolton and her colleagues added hops extract to two different breast cells to see if the extract will affect estrogen metabolism, estrogen metabolism is a the key mechanism of breast cancer As a compound in hops extract, 6-isovaleridin (6-PN) enhances the detoxification of these mammalian cells, the higher detoxification activity the lower breast cancer Risk related.Except the 6-PN, Bolton and her colleagues also studied 8-prenylnarigenin8-PN, isoxanthohumol, IX,  xanthomonas, XH’s influence to the estrogen metabolism in mammalian cells. Bolton said, 8-PN only slightly increased estrogen metabolism in mammalian cells, whereas the remaining two compounds had no significant effect on either of the two breast cells.

Japanese scholars have found that hops can prevent gastric ulcers.

Japan's Chiba University Medical Research Institute and Asahi Breweries Joint Research Group recently found that hops polyphenols from hops extract can prevent gastric ulcer. The medical community believes that Helicobacter pylori may be the biggest "suspect" that causes gastric ulcer, which secrete toxins attached to the stomach wall, causing human cells to cause acute gastritis and gastric ulcers. According to statistics, more than half of the world's people infected with Helicobacter pylori. In Japan, the number of carriers reached 60 million. Antibiotic sterilization is the main treatment, but Helicobacter pylori is easy to produce drug resistance, affecting the treatment effect.

According to the Japanese Yomiuri Shimbun reported, Chiba University researchers using of human cells in the experiment, they put the the hops polyphenols into secreted toxins from Helicobacter pylori, and then cultured. It was found that H. pylori was less than one-tenth of the damage to human cells compared to the absence of hops polyphenols.Professor Yukio Noguchi, a member of the research team, said that after the combination of Helicobacter pylori to hops polyphenols, the ability to attach to the stomach wall was lost. It make bacteria themselves lose their effects, so there will be no drug resistance problems.

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